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Cloud Connectivity - What is the value?

Cloud connectivity solutions part of Cloud Networking platforms are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses of all sizes, as they provide a way to connect to the cloud and take advantage of the many benefits of operating at Cloud speed.  

Cloud Connectivity is the first step of successful cloud adoption, whether trying to connect Data Centers and Clouds or applications and services within the cloud unlocks the first step of their cloud journey.  A simple and holistic approach to enabling this connectivity decreases the time to value and saves costs.  With cloud connectivity, businesses can quickly scale their operations to support the growth of the cloud across enterprises without having to invest in additional resources well as optimize current infrastructure.  This is especially useful for businesses that experience fluctuations in demand or want to remain competitive, as they can quickly and easily scale their cloud operations to meet changing needs. 

The four value propositions for adopting a Cloud Native Cloud Networking platform:

Time to Value:

Prosimo reduces the time to provision resources and onboarding new regions, clouds, datacenters in both greenfield and brownfield environments by more than 80 percent through efficient infrastructure orchestration using native constructs in multicloud
Resilience and Availability: Prosimo increases infrastructure availability, including up to 99.99 percent for cloud assets and applications.


Prosimo delivers an 80 percent reduction in MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and MTTI (Mean Time to Identify) with unparalleled observability of applications and networks across the entire flight path over multicloud environments and makes recommendations to improve connectivity or performance

Blocking Lateral movement with Segmentation:

Prosimo dramatically reduces application attack surfaces by 99 percent, making it much harder for unauthorized users to breach enterprise assets and securing lateral movement across applications with continuous authorization, URL filtering, and segmentation framework across all applications.

Cloud Spend:

Prosimo allows organizations to reduce cloud spending by at least 60 percent by providing cloud architects and operations teams with the insight and understanding they need into the cost of running an application before and after infrastructure changes.

In conclusion, cloud connectivity solutions are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses of all sizes.  Prosimo's solutions provide a way to connect to the cloud and take advantage of operating at cloud speed.  The flexibility, scalability, improved security, and cost savings are just some of the many benefits businesses can enjoy using Prosimo's solutions.  If you want to connect your business to the cloud, check out Prosimo's 30 day trial offer.