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Prosimo and AWS, What it means to be in AWS ISV

We recently announced joining the AWS ISV Accelerate Program—and I got asked by a couple of prospects and partners what it means for them, so I thought I would try and capture it. 


Being part of the ISV, does it mean anything to the enterprise?

Yes, I think it does; our vision is to simplify cloud networking, which includes not just making it easier to recommend and for customers to access and try the product faster in their environment.  Integrating Prosimo and the AWS ecosystem allows our joint customers to quickly achieve complex tasks like segmenting AWS.  It typically takes an organization weeks to build a multi-region environment with a single segmentation plane across regions using a firewall deployment, i.e., I want to develop segments encompassing multiple VPCs and subnets across regions.  Our goal here at Prosimo is to cuts such tasks down to minutes - we can do this, trust me!  Being part of the ISV program allows AWS specialists to recommend Prosimo when customers are looking to move fast or save on costs [trying to do such tasks as an example] and make procurement + deployment easier. 


Besides making it easy to buy or be recommended, what additional value does Prosimo have with AWS?

In addition to AWS Cloud WAN, Prosimo integrates directly with AWS Peering, AWS Direct Connect, AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Global Accelerator, and many other cloud-native services from AWS that customers use to connect to and within the cloud.  These integrations allow cloud architects and operations teams to quickly and automatically spin up these AWS networking services and apply them to any workload on any AWS region worldwide.  Using the native constructs expanding to another region is simple, but aligning a global routing and security posture over the top regionally contained items is one of the pain points we are helping customers with.  The benefits are automatically applied based on pre-configured policies, eliminating the need for cloud architects and operations teams to manually stitch together the right experience and security.  Instead, Prosimo does all the work in the background, identifying the proper infrastructure and network services to deliver the right experience at the right time - eliminating the need to learn how to deploy and use new AWS services.  Instead, you can roll them out without worry immediately when made available.


So, how does Prosimo + AWS help me save money or time?

Prosimo gives AWS customers a single management framework to automate and simplify cloud networking.  What does this mean for you?  Rather than continue adding more capacity and increasing spending without all the facts, we want to allow enterprises to optimize their cloud footprint without increasing complexity and the resulting tech debt.  Where we are making a material difference is operating the cloud.  Full-Stack visibility allows operation teams to troubleshoot application access for a user in a specific region at 1 AM.  

Here are some of the top-read articles that provide details of how customers deploy and use Prosimo within their own AWS environment, and if you have a spare 30 minutes, try it out.