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Prosimo and Google Cloud Help Organizations Modernize Application Infrastructure using Edge Networking

Partnership enables customers to leverage Prosimo edge networking and application experience with Google Cloud capabilities like Anthos, AI and ML 

  • Google Cloud and Prosimo will deliver cloud services like Anthos, AI and ML, with multi-cloud networking, security, application performance and observability capabilities from Proximo AXI 
  • New partnership will deliver cloud capabilities and application experience to the network edge to accelerate enterprise digital transformation

Prosimo, the Application Experience Infrastructure company, today announced a partnership with Google Cloud to help businesses modernize their Cloud Networking infrastructure and deliver faster, more secure application experience at the edge. The partnership will pave the way for companies to realize the opportunity, identified by Google Cloud in December 2020, of leveraging cloud capabilities at the edge of their networks and tapping into high-speed 5G connectivity. 

Interest in managed edge services from cloud providers is growing rapidly. According to Gartner, while less than 1% of edge computing platforms were delivered by hyperscale cloud providers in 2020, that number will grow to 20% by 2023. Moreover, In the recent Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Networking Software that featured Prosimo, edge networking was identified as a use case. “Adoption of cloud networking software for edge computing is a bleeding-edge use case. Edge locations are linked to core computing resources (often multiple cloud-based services) to form a distributed environment, managed as a single construct. Cloud networking software can be used to build an integrated network ‘fabric’ to provide consistent end-to-end network services and management across this environment.”

Prosimo will deliver edge networking with built in Zero Trust Security and performance stack and bring Google Cloud components like Anthos, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), as well as Google’s Global edge network, closer to the location of users and applications. With this partnership, enterprises will have a fast and secure way to modernize their application infrastructure and deliver better application experiences, irrespective of where they are hosted – cloud region, edge locations or on-prem data center. 

“Edge networking is seeing rapid adoption across industries, from retailers providing in-store visual experiences, to manufacturers using AI-based scanning from IoT sensors, to transportation companies managing fleets of connected vehicles, “said Amol Phadke, Managing Director , Google Cloud. “Prosimo is well aligned to help customers leverage the Google Cloud Edge Network and Google services like Anthos, AI and ML, by bringing connectivity, performance and security as close to applications and users as possible.”

This partnership comes with the recent strategy announcement by Google Cloud to bring more business applications to the edge — highlighting, in the release, the opportunity for organizations to modernize their processes and deliver new experiences by leveraging cloud capabilities at the edge. With Google Cloud capabilities like Anthos, a modern application platform for cloud-native and legacy applications, organizations can build, deploy and optimize applications anywhere. Moreover, they can enjoy a consistent development and operations experience for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

The joint solution from Prosimo and Google furthers this mission by bringing the multi-cloud networking, secure access, application performance and observability capabilities of Prosimo AXI to Google customers — providing a fast a secure way to connect users and applications to Google capabilities across hybrid, edge and multi-cloud environments, while removing the need for legacy networking. 

“We believe in bringing application connectivity and security as close to the end user as possible,” said Prosimo’s Head of Product, Mani Ganesan. “Our partnership with Google Cloud empowers organizations to modernize their infrastructure and applications with core Google capabilities that extend the value of their networks and deliver better application experiences to more users, in more locations. Moreover, this partnership validates our approach of bringing multi-cloud and edge networking, security and application experience together in one integrated stack.”

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