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Prosimo Delivers Industry First Full-Stack NetDevOps Toolkit for Multi-Cloud Networking

F500 and Large Enterprises Deploy Prosimo Full-Stack Cloud Transit to Speed Application Development and Increase Business Agility by 80%.

News Summary:

  • Prosimo introduces NetDevOps innovations with the industry’s first Full-Stack Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) for Multi-Cloud Networking, enabling networking teams to adopt modern DevOps practices running multi-cloud environments
  • Submits a model for the application, and DevOps teams to create a cloud transit focused on applications & services with built-in networking
  • Expands autonomous multi-cloud networking capabilities with deeper ML-driven insights to reduce MTTR further and eliminate human errors

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 17, 2022 – Prosimo, the Application Experience Infrastructure company, introduced a new NetDevOps Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) Toolkit that enables enterprises to accelerate the deployment of cloud networking. Deployed by F500 companies and large enterprises, the Prosimo Full-Stack Cloud Transit with the new IaC Toolkit provides complete orchestration of cloud networking services required to connect, scale, and secure enterprise applications. Enterprises gain full visibility across a multi-cloud infrastructure, which reduces the network delivery lifecycle and adds implicit zero-trust while delivering compelling autonomous networking capabilities. 

Learn More: Prosimo IaC Toolkit

“According to ESG’s Distributed Cloud research, organizations are actively looking to improve developer velocity. However, the majority of organizations struggle to perform the appropriate infrastructure testing. With 89% of respondents citing the use of two or more CSPs, it will be imperative for IT operations to create an efficient, reliable, and repeatable process in these complex environments. The Prosimo solution with its IaC for full-stack multi-cloud networking enables organizations to repeatedly and rapidly deploy services that adhere to IT governance, reduce the CI/CD skills gap and drive greater operational efficiency.”

Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst, ESG.

In today’s world, enterprise networks have grown more extensive and complex, combining the on-premises data center, cloud, edge, and co-locations. Still, they continue to be the foundation upon which applications and services run. However, enterprises face challenges with day-0 automation, day-N operations, managing diverse applications, shortening MTTR windows, managing cloud operations, and ultimately increasing business agility. Overcoming these challenges is critical in today’s high-velocity application development world. As a result, enterprises must adopt NetDevOps deployment models and take a modernized pipeline-driven approach to simplify and adapt any network changes with orchestration and automation in order to ensure a consistent and highly scalable cloud adoption. 

“Digital and cloud forward enterprises are modernizing network operations centers with a more proactive and unified approach tied to business strategies. Cutting-edge companies are transforming NOCs from standalone operations for networking in favor of a NetDevOps centric approach with a single integrated platform to optimize networking, performance, security and software distribution operations.  Prosimo, with its IaC for full-stack app-native multi-cloud network, takes a holistic approach that stabilizes the reliability of infrastructure, creates consistent processes, and shortens deployment windows to increase business agility.”

Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President of research, covering network management, EMA.

The First Cloud Networking Solution for IaC NetDevOps with Autonomous Capabilities

The new features in the DevNetOps toolkit provide core capabilities that target cloud operations teams and orchestrate cloud service provider (CSP) networking functionality while automating per-application routing, security, performance, compliance, and cost management policies. The single architecture simplifies and abstracts network and infrastructure management tasks, giving enterprises the ability to reduce setup, provisioning, and resolution times by more than 80% when compared to traditional networking approaches:

  • Infrastructure as a code for cloud networking –  Prosimo abstracts the API layer to CSP capabilities and networking constructs: simply click and set up. It also automates and ties network, micro-segmentation, policy control, and zero-trust into a deployment CI/CD pipeline, aligned with application roll-outs. In addition, Prosimo provides repeatable pipelines to deploy and roll back services quickly. 
  • Infrastructure aligned to applications lifecycle – Onboarding new regions, clouds, and datacenters in greenfield and brownfield environments through efficient infrastructure orchestration using native constructs in multi-cloud, including the ability to connect and secure cloud-native endpoints (e.g., S3), understanding A/B, canary.
  • Service networking – Attach FQDNs, serverless, PaaS, and SaaS apps with enterprise workloads running in any cloud. This leverages cloud-native service networking techniques based on FQDN and layer 7 proxies, including network constructs at the IP layer.
  • Faster MTTR – Prosimo offers unparalleled end-to-end enterprise infrastructure observability for applications and networks across multicloud environments. ML-driven insights quickly identify a problem’s root cause and provide recommendations and automation to improve connectivity or performance. Prosimo is the only platform to offer programmatic query infrastructure across the full stack.

“As Enterprises continue to embrace NetDevOps, the challenges are significant when it comes to reducing the barriers between development and operations. The IAC Toolkit helps simplify operations and management of applications’ life cycle. This improves business and IT alignment, accelerating business velocity. In today’s competitive landscape, this is critical for organizations.”

Mani Ganesan, Head of Product, Prosimo.


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About Prosimo:

Prosimo delivers simplified multi-cloud infrastructure for distributed enterprise cloud journeys.  Companies innovate faster and remain in control with the Prosimo integrated stack.  This stack combines cloud networking, performance, security, observability, and cost management—all powered by data insights and machine learning models with autonomous cloud networking to reduce complexity and risk.  Cloud-forward enterprises, including F100, have adopted Prosimo to successfully roll out revenue-generating applications, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate positive business outcomes.  Prosimo is venture-backed by marquee investors such as General Catalyst, WRVI Capital and Blackrock.  For more information, visit

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